Saturday, October 31, 2009

Day of the Dead Hand-Painted Pumps 6.5

I love these!

The photographer says:

"I hand-paint vintage leather shoes."

Monday, October 26, 2009

5/365 My bag!

5/365 My bag!, originally uploaded by picsbyrita.

Photo note:

"Last Monday I got purse fever. I wanted something stylish and said "fall". There are lots of really nice bags but I wanted to spend under $25. This was the winner. The lining is tan so I can find my "stuff" easier, but it is a bit smaller than I really need."


Fall, originally uploaded by C Mc.

Large, roomy orange fall bag. Zippered pockets. Great for fall~

Fall Purse

Fall Purse, originally uploaded by C Mc.

Gorgeous, and in deep aubergine. . . Roomy fall purse.

FALL ...FRENCH ECO POLKA DOTS Messenger-- Everyday Purse -- Double Straps

Photo note:

I am FRENCH POLKA :=) dEsIgNeD bY iKa.

Feyza sew me with very best quality French fabric
I am so pretty and lovely and CHIC ...AND COLORFULL
***Eco-chic, green living, earth friendly
***VERY BEST quality !


I was made by 100% pure cotton French fabric . You can use me everyday, everyday, everyday...why not today !!

I have huge capacity to store all your stuff you want to carry with you . I am very practical and casual.

Have 2 large double lined rooms to seperate important objects like phone, key, etc..

Ahhh I forgot ; My strap is also soft cotton which will touch your shoulder all the day.

***And I am not closed by metal closure or lovely wooden closure .If you want please tell my mother...:)

Where you can use me?
*On the beach,
*with bicycle,
*diaper bag
*books ,laptop or magazine tote
*tote bag

My size :

15.5 inches wide (40 cm)
12 inches high(tall) (31 cm)
4 inches deep (10 cm)
11 inches across the opening (28 cm)
Handle measure : 22 " by 1 1/2 " . (56 x 4 cm)

Don't forget to have a look to my other family members:=))))"

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

New Cons

My New Cons, originally uploaded by ellectric.

I looked them up, and the *do* exist. Cow Print Converse shoes!

Pair them with a cow print bag. . .


Desire, originally uploaded by eclectic_pixie.

Photo note:

"Beautiful handmade tote-like purse.
The outside of the purse is faux "snake skin" fabric. Black ribbon laced up the front of this purse.
There are 3 pockets inside. Each pocket can fit your cellphone and accessories and such.
The fabric of the inside of the purse is polyester.
Has a magnetic closure that folds over like a buckle.
This purse has two handles.
Heart buckle over the closure.
Handles and top of the purse are double stitched.
This purse uses reinforced cardboard in the bottom for durability."

Etta Diem: Box Purse Collection

Nicely done - Purse boxes

Photo note:

"Original box purses by Bethalynne Bajema. Left to right: The Dragonfly, purse made with artwork by Myke Amend. The Calcutta Devil Cat, purse made with artwork by Bethalynne Bajema. The Sepia Stain, purse made with artwork by Bethalynne Bajema.,,"

leather normandy clutch w/antique key - urban heirlooms

Ooh, another gorgeous bag. . .

PHotographer's note:

"My most recent custom order: a black leather clutch based on the design of my first skeleton key wallets. I gave her a few sketches with options for the key placement; she chose this idea.

I love the key placement! I guess I'll just have to add this to the line..."

Steamy pockets

Steamy pockets, originally uploaded by frankcheez.

Photo note:

"I made this pocket belt out of the front of a purse. I cut the front off the purse, leaving them attached in the middle, and the purse strap attached to the side. I the folded and glued/sewed the strap so that it was horizontal, and not vertical to the pockets. I added the chain and keys. I have another belt actually on my pants.

Notice the skull and cross bones button my my pant pocket. The pants came that way!"

leather iphone cover w/antique key - urban heirlooms

This is gorgeous all the way around, from the key closure, to the detailing and shape.

Photo note:

"custom order w/ detachable strap. Love it!"

Mermaid's Purse

Mermaid's Purse, originally uploaded by ketztx4me.


Photo ntoe:

"I made this a long time ago, but never knew how to finish it; when I saw TwoRoses brilliant chalice 'from the wreck of the Nautilus, it inspired me to finally get it done."

Elegant Steampunk Brocade Purse

Photo note:

"Though it's lacking brass fiddly bits, I think this would make a great accessory for any elegant steampunk bedecked lady. It has a pocket inside just the right size for an iPod or cell phone, and plenty of room for anything else one needs to carry to and fro."

Leather Steampunk Top Hat

Leather Steampunk Top Hat, originally uploaded by Tom Banwell.

This is fabulous!

The photographer says:

"My first attempt at a steampunk top hat."

Noxenlux Chapeaux, Steampunk Top Hat

Love this!

Photo note:

"Model: Laurel Dodge, Photo: Marc17, Hat: Steampunk Top Hat"

Steampunk Shoes

Steampunk Shoes, originally uploaded by Hippy of Doom.

Photo note:

"Steampunk Shoes

Because I quite like this steampunk stuff."

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Handbag Cake

Photo note;

"This is my first handbag cake made at cake deco. class yesterday.
I was the only one to make the handbag as the rest did character cakes with piped buttercream but Mrs. Paruk was kind enough to guide me.
I was really rushed and hadn't had time to mix the black prop. and it's more grey and did not complete the cake in class.
Disaster struck whilst travelling home as the week long rains on our dirt road is in terrible shape and the cake moved and i had to strip parts of it and redo and complete the rest.
The only thing i did not do was the markings for the stitches.

White Chocolate Mud cake topped with mousseline buttercream and covered with fondant.

Explore #22"

Friday, October 2, 2009

New Red Shoes

New Red Shoes, originally uploaded by ladybugdiscovery.

I so love red bags, and what better to go with the red bag than a pair of red shoes!

This photographer say:

"These are my new red shoes!"

the red shoes

the red shoes, originally uploaded by t. bell.

The shoes to go with the bag~

Photo note:

"he told her to wait by the magazines
he had to take care of some business it seems
bring a raincoat
and a suitcase
and your dark eyes
and wear those red shoes"

-Tom Waits


Red shoes, red flats

Mark Cross Red Leather Luggage

Mark Cross Red Leather Luggage, originally uploaded by sallyjenn.


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