Thursday, February 18, 2010

27/365 - Olympics Mittens (the real ones not the cookies!)

You know how I love red. . .

Photo note:


After 3 hours of Olympics volunteer training at the figure skating venue and another hour to get home due to a late bus, I was pretty grumpy and tired.

Since we weren't allowed to take photos of the venue (that was going to be my Project 365 shot!) I went with the $10 Olympic mittens - they were sold out at The Bay department store (they're the sponsor and purveyor of Canada's Olympic clothing line) but restocked last week.

I also got to test out the black background with the DIY light box but as you can see the box is a tad small as this is as far away as I can get.

Strobist: 430 EX II through top of DIY light box on a light stand, 1/32 power zoomed to 105 mm to keep background darkish. Sorry I forgot the setup shot :( "


olympic_bags, originally uploaded by veggiesub.

Vancouver 2010 Olympic Bag

Vancouver 2010 Olympic Bag, originally uploaded by burning_souls.

I like the look of these bags


Shaun White X Oakley Frogskin

Shaun White X Oakley Frogskin, originally uploaded by Taz Spin.

Love it!

This photographer says:
"Can't wait to wear them around!"

No doubt!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Gucci bag cake

Gucci bag cake, originally uploaded by Mrs. Cakerific.

This cake really looks like it's been made of stitched leather and fabric - Wow!

Gucci bag cake

LV, Gucci cake

LV, Gucci cake, originally uploaded by Svetlana's cakes.

gucci diaperbag

What fun for a special baby shower. . .

the Gucci diaper bag cake~

Gucci Yorkie Cake

Amazingly real. . .

Gucci Handbag cake with Yorkshire Terrier inside. . .

Gucci HandBag Cake

Gucci HandBag Cake, originally uploaded by

Another great Gucci cake!

Photo note:

"The look of this cake was so real that the customer didn't realize this was a real cake! This particular cake was made for 30 -35 servings"

Mark Cross Red Leather Luggage

Mark Cross Red Leather Luggage, originally uploaded by sallyjenn.

This is one piece of luggage you're not likely to lose in a crowd! Very nice~

Mark Cross Red Leather Luggage

Friday, February 5, 2010

My New Cons

My New Cons, originally uploaded by ellectric.

I knew I'd find a pair of cow print Converse if I looked long enough. . .

black and white cow print fluffies

These are wild!

black and white cow print fluffies

Moo urban cowboy

Moo urban cowboy, originally uploaded by Chapendra.

How about a hat to match?

Photo note:

"Oh the things you see when you drive. Wil, I almost thought it was you from a far. ;]"

Cow Print Leather Fur Handbag

Photographer's note:

"Cow Print Leather Fur Handbag

Material: Cow Print Leather Fur Handbag
High quality workmanship
Large, Medium, Small size also available.
Welcome OEM order
Minimum order quantity: 500pcs
USD 12"

Black and White Cow Print Clogs

More great cow prints.

Photo note:

"Cow Print Clogs "

Cow Print Seat Covers!

I know you can't wear these, or carry anything other than yourself in them, but these cow print seat covers are cool.

Photo note and link:

Cow print Seat covers from Shear Comfort Ltd.

Custom Cow Print Purse

Custom Cow Print Purse, originally uploaded by advenphoto.

For all you cow print lovers, a wonderfully big bag. Fun!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Jimmy Choo - Ramona

Jimmy Choo - Ramona, originally uploaded by Fashion Bargains.

PHoto note:

"This signature Jimmy Choo bag now comes in biker leather with a water snake trim. The soft shape and iconic hardware makes this the perfect day bag.

L41 x H29 x W15cm
L16 x H11 x W6


Jimmy choo-Blue

Jimmy choo-Blue, originally uploaded by Mulberry-from-ithandbag.

Ooh - love it! Periwinkle Jimmy Choo bag with bright yellow flower and heart.


jimmy-choo-face-bag, originally uploaded by Kevin the Collie.

Photo note:

"Jimmy Choo Polly Face Bag"

Monday, February 1, 2010

Betsey's Beauties

Find a bag to match these floral toe-less Betsey Johnson pumps. . .


Betsey Johnson Handbags

Betsey Johnson Handbags, originally uploaded by Restless Nabeel.

Did I say how much I love Betsey Johnson bags? Here's another one:

"New York designer Betsey Johnson has built her long-standing career in fashion by following her own set of rules. Known for her celebration of the exuberant, the embelished, and the over the top, Betsey has been rocking the fashion industry with her unique and original designs since the 1960's."

Betsey Johnson Wallet or Nano Case?

betsey, originally uploaded by pinkbishie.

This photographer says:

"I finally broke done and bought an ipod nano. I fought Apple for a long, long time and decided to buy an ipod nano so I could store my mp3s and play them in the car. It's a cute little thing. So I needed something cute to cover it. Betsey Johnson, of course."

Hello, Betsey calling...

Hello, Betsey calling..., originally uploaded by kattykinns.

Photo note:

"It was actually Betsey's original Telephone bag which first made me notice her so when I saw this for sale I knew I had to get it.

It's actually my first Betsey purchase as they don't sell her designs over here (but we do get Viv Westwood so it's a fair exchange :p) I kinda wish I had got it in pink as well XD"

More Betsey Johnson

More Betsey Johnson, originally uploaded by Little Chrince.

More shoes to match your fave red purse:

"Fabulous Betsey shoes. I need an excuse to buy these... Think, think, think..."

Betsey Johnson Brown Oxfords

I love these Betsey Johnson brown oxford heels! They lace up, and with polka dotted laces, no less! Check out the pink soles. . .

Betsey Johnson Bag

Betsey Johnson, originally uploaded by Hello Kat.

Photo note:

"My favorite Betsey Johnson handbag. ITS HUGE!!"

Just the way we like 'em~

Inside My Betsey Johnson

Inside My Betsey Johnson, originally uploaded by pinkmarmy.

Great Betsey Johnson bag, in tan leather, big enough to hold what you need to carry! I love these shots of what our bags can accomodate~

Betsey Johnson Purse, Betsey Johnson Bag


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