Thursday, February 18, 2010

27/365 - Olympics Mittens (the real ones not the cookies!)

You know how I love red. . .

Photo note:


After 3 hours of Olympics volunteer training at the figure skating venue and another hour to get home due to a late bus, I was pretty grumpy and tired.

Since we weren't allowed to take photos of the venue (that was going to be my Project 365 shot!) I went with the $10 Olympic mittens - they were sold out at The Bay department store (they're the sponsor and purveyor of Canada's Olympic clothing line) but restocked last week.

I also got to test out the black background with the DIY light box but as you can see the box is a tad small as this is as far away as I can get.

Strobist: 430 EX II through top of DIY light box on a light stand, 1/32 power zoomed to 105 mm to keep background darkish. Sorry I forgot the setup shot :( "

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