Tuesday, January 31, 2012

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Wow - this one has a nice look to it. Seems very rugged and quite stylish~

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Turning retro Satchel bag into photographer's bag*

This is a pretty fabulous satchel.

This photographer tells us:

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Full step by step guide with photos here: Turning your Satchel bag into photographer's bag, 29th January 2012

To turn your retro Satchel bag, if you have one, into real photographer's bag is quite easy. All you need is an old bag like Lowe Pro with velcro inserts, scissors, super glue, sticky velcro stripes and, of course, time. Once you've converted your bag you can easily fit in one pro DSLR body with three prime lenses, flash gun, usb cable, tons of memory cards, lense cleaning kit, spare battery and you'll still end up with some extra space.

Why retro Satchel bag? It's 100% leather, very sturdy, comes with 5 years warranty, none will ever think of it as a photography bag, looks tiny, but fits a lot in.

In my case I'm using retro Satchel bag in 15' size. It takes Nikon D700 body, Nikon 35mm f/2, 50mm f/1.4, 85mm f/1.8 lenses, Nikon SB800 flash gun, lense cleaning kit, spare battery, lots of memory cards and usb cable. If required I can add one extra prime lense and another flash gun. Or instead of Nikon D700 body I can put in Panasonic GH2 with Rode VideoMic Pro and adaptor for Nikon lenses.

So my step by step guide:

1. Buy or get as a present one of these retro Satchel bags preferably in 15' size.
2. It's empty inside, has main and side compartments. We'll use main one to put velcro stuff in, side one for accessories.
3. Get an idea what would you love to have inside. Do some fittings and come up with the idea how you'd love to arrange velcro compartments.
4. Draw a sketch inside the bag with a pencil.
5. Try out velcro inserts, which ones would work better.
6. Measure and cut velcro stripes.
7. Attach velcro stripes. They should be sticky. Don't use glue at this stage.
8. Put the inserts in.
9. Load the bag with all the equipment.
10. If it all looks fine - remove everything and re-attached velcro stripes with super glue now.
11. Put everything back.
12. Do a velcro strip for side compartment as well if required.
13. All done. Try it out.


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new bag

new bag, originally uploaded by *rem*.

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My beautiful new bag!
"Is that a new MJ bag?" You say.
Ha ha! Why no, it was totally custom made just for me by Valhalla Brooklyn!!
Totally amazing, the quality of things you can get from Etsy these days. XD

New Satchel Purse

New bag 23/8/11, originally uploaded by * Cheryl *.

This bag is absolutely gorgeous! Love the photograph, too~

Photo note:

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My new satchel arrived from Scaramanga this morning. It's just fab and smells amazing. Hurrah for new bags.


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