Friday, July 30, 2010

I'll Use Arial When Helvetica Freezes Over Wallet - White

Love it!

Photo note:

"We just got the final versions of our wallets back from our friends down at Tinymeat. This is the white version of the wallet that is available for sale at"

Green Felt bird Wallet

Green Felt bird Wallet, originally uploaded by L&B Accessories.

Photographer's note:

"More fun felt wallets :)"

Nicely made!

new purse

new purse, originally uploaded by brennarella.

Pretty in green - leather purse.

Marc Jacobs wallet

Marc Jacobs wallet, originally uploaded by lauren francais.

This is a beauty~

Photographer's note:

"I never knew just how much a lump of leather could excite me."

Marc Jacobs Wallet

Coach Purse

Coach Purse, originally uploaded by Fancy House Rd.


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

In one of the bathroom stalls at the Building Museum

Funny! I was just in DC.

The photographer of this image says:

"(I loved that latch in the corner, and I thought my purse latch matched pretty well, so...)

Lois's Purse

Lois's Purse, originally uploaded by abaynoash.

Just couldn't resist~

Book Purses by Caitlin Phillips


"Such a great idea of all of those encyclopedias that are obsolete out there. Many of theses were sold."

AC/DC Purse

AC/DC Purse, originally uploaded by krisheding.

Photographer's note:

"A purse I made from an actual album cover for AC/DC's "Back In Black."


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