Sunday, May 30, 2010

Shibuya Girls w/ Lucky Bags

Shibuya Girls w/ Lucky Bags, originally uploaded by tokyofashion.

Photo note:

"A group of Shibuya girls near Shibuya 109 on the morning of Jan 2, 2010. They had all been shopping for Japanese fukubukuro/luck bags, as you can see from the photo!"

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

twilight purse

twilight purse, originally uploaded by cakeladyam.
This Twilight purse looks great!  Good enough to eat~  ; )

twilight purse

twilight purse, originally uploaded by cakeladyam.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mary Frances 20th anniversary bag cake

Wow - this purse cake is amazing!

Photo note:

"You may remember the Mary Frances bag I did last year
well, The designer, Mary Frances herself, was so taken with the cake that they commissioned me to make the cake for their 20th anniversary. This is the 20th anniversary bag, limited edition. Oh and yes, it took me a very, very long time to make!"

Coach Purse Cake

Coach Purse Cake, originally uploaded by EB Cakes.

These cakes are just incredible!

Photo note:

"Coach Purse for a lady turning 40. She owns this purse and her husband ordered the cake for her - I think its a surprise. They like the "cake shows" and wanted something special."

mod boot cake

mod boot cake, originally uploaded by debbiedoescakes.

Great! This looks so real.

Photo note:

"what do you do with yourself when you have spare time and leftover cake? you could it or B. make your favorite shoe from it. I love this shoe so much, it's my new wave dream realized, albeit 25 years later."

coach signature stripe tote cake

Photo note:

"another bag this one with sugar cosmetics...."

Chocolate shoe Birthday cake


Photo note:

"Vanilla with raspberry coulis & vanilla buttercream
Topped with a thick white chocolate shoe!
Yay - made Explore 19/09/09!

Louboutin gold shoe cake

Louboutin gold shoe cake , originally uploaded by Love to Cake.

Photo note:

"Louboutin gold shoe cake for an 18th birthday. The shoe has a 6 inch moulded chocolate heel."

vans wedding shoe cake

vans wedding shoe cake, originally uploaded by debbiedoescakes.

Photo note:

"the "his" shoe for the show wedding cake"


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