Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Japanese Vintage Kimono - Swinging flower with wicker(rattan) drawstring purse.

Photo note:

"This is a very cute drawstring purse.
Ideal for any occasion.
This purse is wicker(rattan) on the bottom.
Japanese kimono fabric with kumihimo straps (Japanese braid): pull together to close."

Vintage Kimono Fabric Clutch Purse

It has a crazy giant button closure.

Japanese KIMONO Fabric Pure Silk Coin Purse

Photo note:

This is the Japanese KIMONO design beautiful Coin Purse.

Kyo Yuuzen!

Pure Silk!

Handmade! (Made in JAPAN!)

Pouches made from kimono fabric

Coin Purse, Eyeglass Case, Clutch Bag


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