Wednesday, July 1, 2009

upcycled red ginger bag/purse

upcycled red ginger bag/purse, originally uploaded by pheartsb!.

I like the term, "upcycled." This is a great looking bag~

Photo note:

"upcycled red ginger bag/purse

an upcycled beauty...

made from vintage velvet...dig the bold orange, red and brown! an exciting find! the exterior pocket is reclaimed upholstery fabric that is kept closed by a soft gray suede flap with velcro on the other side. floral cotton fabric lining with an interior pocket and magnet closure. the bottom exterior is tan vinyl. easily slung over the shoulder by a moss green canvas belt.

great carry-all purse!

great bag for winter and early spring.
very soft material!

14"w x 12"h
canvas strap 29.5"

it's beautiful, sturdy, washable (cold/gentle) and eco-friendly!!!"

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