Wednesday, September 9, 2009

in my bag right now (numbered)

Another shot of a Chloe bag, and what can fit inside!

Photo note:

"o1. the bag du jour - chloé paddington ♥

o2. my brain, err, i mean filofax (metropol, black)

o3. neurofen for headaches and period pain

o4. my wallet. mimco. pretty.

o5. sixty gig ipod video. black. named otis.

o6. jila mints for coffee breath :p

o7. phone. i forget what kind it is. samsung somethingorother...

o8. chanel irréelle blush in #2o 'glamour'

o9. chanel mat lumière powder compact in #1o

1o. chanel les 4 ombres eyeshadow in #74 'nymphéa

11. clinique high impact mascara in #o1 'black' & écriture de chanel liquid eyeliner in #1o 'noir'

12. bach rescue remedy for anxiety and stress

13. chanel rouge allure lipstick in #13 'tender'

14. laura mercier makeup brush (in need of a good shampoo!)

15. manuka honey lip balm from the great barrier island bee co.

16. my perfume (chanel mademoiselle) comes in this gorgeous and handy purse pack

17. book of the moment - 'chronicle of a death fortold' by gabriel garcía márquez

18. my journal (lined moleskine). it comes with me EVERYWHERE. it's full of secrets, so it's never out of my sight ;)"

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