Wednesday, September 22, 2010

New Bag! Black Coach Tote

New Bag! Black Coach Tote, originally uploaded by Just Caty.

This photographer says:

"It's the Coach Bonnie Leather Convertible bag. It's going to be used as a tote for college.

Once again, this bag is from the 30% off section from Macy's Coach area.

The inside is a candy pinkish red. It is a very gorgeous color and pairs nicely with the patent leather handle. The photo of course, does not do the inside satin justice!

I've grown fond of the items in the 30% off section. It's like a shelter for bags-that-people-didn't-want-at-full-price that just beckons to me.

Oh, this is my new photoshoot area. WIMBs and bag portraits are going to be attempted to be taken here. It is the top of my bookcase. I figured that it was more cleaner than the carpet, which is easier for me to take pictures of (so that Dad and Chris don't think I'm crazy) and I don't have to clean the bags later because of the germs that might have gotten on to it when I was taking the picture. Yes, I take very good care of my bags; no one knows how long I've had it because they always look brand new. And yes, I am obsessed with cleaning them. They are my children. Consider me like the Angelina Jolie of bags."

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Anonymous said...

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