Sunday, December 14, 2008

Bambas Leather Satchel, 2008

Just when I thought I was going to bed, here comes another great bag. I couldn't resist just this one more...

Photographer's note:

Bambas Leather Satchel, 2008

I always try to find something for my friend Louise when we travel, but shopping in Prague isn't easy if you aren't the art glass, garnet jewelry or tourist trinket type.

While most of the main shopping areas are experiencing an influx of major global designer brands (though Gucci is Gucci, no matter where you go), I did stumble across a fur and leather shop called Kožešiny Kubín that carries goods produced in the Czech Republic.

I literally stopped dead in my tracks when I saw the handbags they had displayed in one of their shop windows. My first thought was, "Hey, these are like those super-hyped, waiting-list-only Prada Faerie Bags that came out this spring!" My second thought was, "I have to get one of these for Louise!"

The shop was all warm, rich woods and glass, with a hushed atmosphere akin to a library. The sales woman there that day didn't speak much English, but it's easy enough to get your point across when you point out a handbag and hold up your credit card.

The handbag company is Bambas, and all their bags are designed and manufactured in the Czech Republic -- hand painted and hand sewn (or so says the tag). The sales woman assured me, in her limited English, that each bag is a one of a kind -- there may be similar items, but the hand painting process allows for individual variances on the theme.

It was difficult to choose which one to get, as there were any number of styles, sizes and themes, but I think the bag we settled on was definitely the most striking.

I sent it off to Louise immediately after returning home from our trip, and I received a hilariously enthusiastic barrage of text messages once the package hit her doorstep. Apparently, presenting the gift of a one of a kind bag from Prague is a sure fire way to cement a friendship for life.

The fact that none of her friends can simply run off to Nordstrom's and buy the same thing was just icing on her Fashion Plate cake.

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