Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Bag Dump.

Bag Dump., originally uploaded by SaylaMarz.

I like the bag in this photo. And, it is interesting what all we cram into our purses / bags after a little while. Mine is pathetic! I must take a photo. . .

Meanwhile, here are the notes the photographer added to the photo:

"I've been meaning to jump on this wagon for a while.

I think it's hilarious that i have a really nice "purse" and I've turned it into a glorified laptop case.

Xelia got Kristina and I hooked on Tokidoki. Kristina got this bag while Xe was in town...and a while later the zipper broke and LeSportsac replaced her bag. So I inherited the broken one and it makes me happy. The insides are way shredded and I'm always losing stuff in the lining, or getting it caught in the zipper. I intend to take it to a tailor when I have time and money. But it's so cute it's totally worth the hidden problems! The only problem is I'm never well enough dressed to match my handbag!"

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