Thursday, January 22, 2009

Caring for Your Designer Handbag

Here is an excerpt from an article I found regarding caring for your handbags.  For more interesting tips, visit their site, at :

How to Look after Your Designer Handbag

On an earlier page I described tips for actually buying a designer bag.  When it costs an arm and a leg it's worth taking the time to think about caring for it.

10 Tips for Bag Care

Follow or at least consider these tips when you use your handbag.  Your priority is to keep your bag looking good and stain free, yet to enjoy using it.

  1. Look after your bag and store it in its dust bag cover or use a natural fibre soft pillowslip.

  2. Handle your bag, especially lighter bags with clean hands.

  3. Avoid handling the designer bag after applying beauty products, face foundations or hand creams. 

  4. If the weather is really bad and raining consider using a less special handbag. 

  5. Be careful when you visit a hairdressers with your bag, as hair products can easily splash onto handbags left on the floor at your feet.  Clippings of chemically treated hair can land on the bag and leave marks.

  6. When carrying a light coloured bag consider using pencils rather than Biros - biro can be difficult to remove.  Don't use your bag as a rest to place paper and write notes.  Pointed pens can leave impression tool marks through paper rested on firm leathers.

  7. If your bag has a chain handle, store the chain inside the bag to avoid scratching the outside leather when the bag is resting.

  8. For storage, use bubble wrap to stuff your bags as it does not attract moths in the same way as tissue paper does.

  9. If you are doing a big weekly shop then unless you are planning to impress a prospective Mr Right, avoid taking your special bag to the supermarket!  Trolleys can scratch your bag and mark it permanently, as can spillages from foodstuffs such as yoghurts, cream, dips, squashy fruit, milk and even leaking cleaning products.

  10. For long term storage, undo strap buckles so that impressions are not created.  Then if you wish to wear the strap across the body messenger style and need maximum strap length or need to shorten it to wear underarm style at a later date, this unbuckling of the straps before storage will stop areas becoming impressed and unattractive. You are reading an original fashion article written by Pauline Weston Thomas© at ©

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