Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Handmade Cat Cigar Box Purse

This is just too cool. Not to mention the artistic photo.

Here's what the photographer has to say:

Handmade Cat Cigar Box Purse

my latest crafty creation - a handmade cigar box purse!

This is a one of a kind purse that I made as a gift for a friend - she loved it! :)

- The "Tom Cat" image I used here is from a vintage Victorian fruit crate label.
- I also used scrap-booking paper as a background for the cat design, as well as for the border of the purse.
- I painted the entire cigar box an acrylic shade of deep red
- plus black stamps of vines, and alphabet stickers that reads M - E- O - W
one letter in each corner.
- lastly, I added some sepia toned paints to 'antique' it a bit
and finshed it with a light coat of clear varnish.

*** Feedback /comments are encouraged since I just started making these cigar box purses not too long ago. This is my very first completed one. Thanks! :) ****

sorry about the glare on the cat design from the flash,
but you can still can get a good idea of how this looks.

© Jane Diamond ~ Art Mew-Vo Designs

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