Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Marc Jacobs Blake Bag Cake

Marc Jacobs Blake Bag Cake, originally uploaded by artofdessert.

I am constantly amazed at these cakes--I could seriously use this! It looks great!

Here are the notes that go with the photo:

"Marc Jacobs Blake Bag Cake

Voila! This is my sister's birthday cake. Whew! It was a labor of love, let me tell you. I wanted to cry last night when I broke the first pair of gumpaste handles. I wanted to have them stand straight up (like in the picture), but they weren't staying on- they kept slipping and eventually broke. I made another pair of handles but decided to just let them lay on the sides.

She loved it anyway and didn't hesitate to cut right into it (see next photo). I'll be posting the trials and tribulations I went through in making this cake on my blog next week.

UPDATE 10/27/08: Here's my blog entry about how I made this cake."


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