Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Handmade Cat Cigar Box Purse

This is just too cool. Not to mention the artistic photo.

Here's what the photographer has to say:

Handmade Cat Cigar Box Purse

my latest crafty creation - a handmade cigar box purse!

This is a one of a kind purse that I made as a gift for a friend - she loved it! :)

- The "Tom Cat" image I used here is from a vintage Victorian fruit crate label.
- I also used scrap-booking paper as a background for the cat design, as well as for the border of the purse.
- I painted the entire cigar box an acrylic shade of deep red
- plus black stamps of vines, and alphabet stickers that reads M - E- O - W
one letter in each corner.
- lastly, I added some sepia toned paints to 'antique' it a bit
and finshed it with a light coat of clear varnish.

*** Feedback /comments are encouraged since I just started making these cigar box purses not too long ago. This is my very first completed one. Thanks! :) ****

sorry about the glare on the cat design from the flash,
but you can still can get a good idea of how this looks.

© Jane Diamond ~ Art Mew-Vo Designs


Jane said...

Thank you so much for featuring my "Cat Cigar Box Purse" in your blog. I feel flattered that you added it here :)

I spent a total of 3 days working on that purse. On and off of course, as it was rather time consuming, but I felt the results were well worth it!

I want to make more with other kinds of cats, and different themes too, but since they take so long to make, I probably won't make them for awhile since I'm so busy working on many other items for my Etsy shop right now.

But I definitely look forward to making more cigar box purses in the future. They're really fun to make and they come out looking quite unique.

And they also make for great conversation pieces too, as they are eye-cathing and different than most purses.

People seem to be drawn to them and often ask - "Where did you get that?" And then I feel happy when I reply back that, "I made it". :)

- Jane

The Knit Chick said...

Jane, I think the bag is gorgeous, and I look forward to seeing others that you might make! I look for interesting bags, and because I love purses (and shoes) I enjoy putting all the images I've found together in one place, with links to where a person might find something like it. And I'm finding out how truly cool Etsy is, too!

All the best, and I hope you get lots of visitors viewing your work--it's nice.


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